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Meet Maša Nobilo

Embodied Facilitator, Sleep Coach and Movement Teacher

I have been there. And still occasionally find myself there. Tossing and turning in bed, not getting a wink of sleep as frustration grows - not surprisingly adding insult to injury as I berate myself for being a "bad sleeper".

However, instead of being devoured by my sleep predicament, I decided to use all the tools I have collected in my professional life and clean up my sleep. Or rather create habits that lead to quality sleep.

I am a certified Embodied Facilitator, Hatha Yoga teacher, Feldenkrais practitioner, AcroYoga teacher and an Embodied Yoga Principles teacher with 5 years of experience in the field of embodiment. In finding my own path towards sleep health, I opted for a holistic approach and went on to clean up my movement, well-being and nutrition habits, relationships and deeply-held beliefs that were hindering a good night's rest.

And lo and behold, doing long-term work on myself ended up improving drastically my sleep. Who would have thought. 

I am here to pass on what I have learned and help you find your own way towards sustainable sleep health. That can include everything from introducing a new movement practice into your day, coaching on relationships and situations that create unrest, to figuring out a sustainable food and lifestyle plan that is in line with optimal sleep health.

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Why Choose Sleep Coaching?

(and what exactly is it?)

Sleeping restfully

Because sleeping pills don't permanently solve the issue

Though medication has its place if prescribed by a physician, off-the-counter pills usually result in poor sleep quality and addictive behaviour.

What can a sleep coaching session look like?

Much like a life coaching session, each lasting 50 minutes, it begins with naming the issue at hand and surveying possible obstacles to healthy sleep. Then we work on obstacles, beliefs, relationships, habits that might be giving us restless nights, through an array of tools and methods rooted in embodiment. You can expect a tailored approach that involves movement, breath and psychological exploration. The sessions can be done either face-to-face or online, and packages of multiple session are recommended for better results.




I was lucky to get coaching sessions with Maša as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. It turned out to be one of the best presents I ever had because Maša really helps me a lot and gives really great inputs on so many different subjects. What I really like about her coaching is that they are not only focused on sleep but she helps me make the way I live my life in such a manner that it gives me peace of mind which in the end also helps me to sleep better. She knows so many different tools, lots of them also taking the body into account and not only working on a cognitive level which makes it easier for me to integrate what I learn in my everyday life in contrast to only speaking about things.

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I discovered "Awareness Through Movement" (ATM) with Maša "live". When confinement came, I was delighted Maša started offering a remote version with Zoom. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is wonderful. The organisation and technicalities are top-notch, the fact that it's remote never gets in the way. Maša's personality still shines through, very positive, very welcoming. Since the sessions rely mostly on voice guidance, we can appreciate her perfect English and very clear instructions.

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Maša brings her precision and lightness to a powerful but gentle class. She offers the right balances of physical and mental inquiries that allows me to select what I need from the session. Grateful for this beautiful opportunity to start the day. Highly recommended.

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