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A graphic of a closed eye to represent Restful Sleep coaching

Play hard, rest well

Sleep coaching to help inconsistent sleepers explore the root cause of their insomnia and find curious new ways to rest and refreshed energy

Because there’s more to sleep than lavender and a set bedtime

We all have our own lifestyle needs and preferences, so we all have specific ways that work together to best support our sleep. 

Restful Sleep coaching
helps people to get curious about how their daily habits may help or block sleep, so they can get to the root cause of their individual sleep struggles.

Find out about what may support or block your sleep...


Maša Nobilo

Sleep Coach and Founder
of Restful Sleep

Truth bomb: I won't ‘fix your sleep’.

Hi, I’m Maša and my mission is to bring peace, ease and Restful Sleep through a playful approach to personal growth and life.


I won’t fix your sleep because there is no one size fits all ‘fix’ for it. I say this as a former insomniac, having desperately tried all the tricks. Also, as a sleep coach, offering different healing modalities to help others.

Drawing on a blend of CBTI, holistic sleep coaching, Embodiment practices and more, it lights me up to help inconsistent sleepers find new ways to find regular, Restful Sleep. As well as supporting them in unlocking inspiration to create their own version of a vibrant life.

Want to join me?

Mind_Factors 2.png


How racing thoughts at night, sleep anxiety and deeply held beliefs can affect sleep.

Body_Factors 4.png


Nourishing your body can help sleep, from circadian rhythms to coffee and wine.

Environmental_Factors_ 3.png


All the ways your bedroom impacts sleep: light, noise, sleep schedules and more.

What people say
Maša brings her precision and lightness to a powerful but gentle class. She offers the right balances of physical and mental inquiries that allows me to select what I need from the session. Grateful for this beautiful opportunity to start the day. Highly recommended.
Iulia Grosman

When being busy and tired all the time is just how it is right now

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Negotiating Sleep With Your Partner

Stress less, sleep better

A self-paced online course for troubled sleepers

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