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One on one sleep coaching

For your quickest results, get personalised support and accountability in finding new ways to rest and refreshed energy

Did you know that ongoing, inconsistent sleep is a symptom?

If you've always struggled with sleep, it's a sign of something else being out of balance in your life.


One on one sleep coaching sessions use CBTI, holistic sleep coaching, Embodiment and more to get to the root cause. From there, we explore ways that work for you to get regular, Restful Sleep.

Tired of struggling with unreliable sleep on your own?

People often come to Restful Sleep feeling fed up with hit-and-miss sleep phases. You too may have tried out different sleep hygiene and mental well-being tips, like having a cool bedroom, yoga and meditation. As well as various different bedtime routines.


After many desperate, late-night Google searches, maybe you’re at the last resort with sleeping pills and their groggy after-effects. Nothing seems to stick and consistent sleep can feel unattainable.

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Consistent sleep is your birthright

It might not seem like it when you are drifting off 30 minutes before the alarm, but the truth is: your body knows how to get regular sleep. It starts the moment you wake up and is shaped by the millions of tiny choices made every day.


These often unconscious habits determine how we spend our daily energy. When energy is spent in ways we find satisfying, we will naturally feel sleepy by bedtime. Complications come when our daily actions become disconnected from our desires, purpose and joy.

How Restful Sleep one on one coaching can help


Personalised support

  • Guidance based on your personal challenges - in sessions and the activities between

  • Get insights from CBT for Insomnia, holistic sleep coaching, Embodiment and more

Accountability 3.png

Accountability for success

  • Be seen for sticking with your goals and new habits in calls and your daily activities

  • Daily prompts, mini check-ins, homework and other tools are available to keep you on track


Curious new ways 

  • Insomnia can be draining. The way out can be fun and quicker than you may think!

  • Access fresh insights through breathwork, movement and other playful exercises

"I was lucky to get coaching sessions with Maša as a Christmas present from my girlfriend… What I really like about her coaching is that they are not only focused on sleep but she helps me make the way I live my life in such a manner that it gives me peace of mind which in the end also helps me to sleep better."

One to one Coaching Packages

Designed to give you choice around what kind of personalised support will best fit with your life, Restful Sleep offers a range of one on one coaching packages options. 

Wake Up Rested

Getting to the root of your sleep struggles and finding new ways that work for you to get consistent, Restful Sleep.

2 month plans

Wake Up Rested

  • 4 x 75-min sessions in 2 months

  • Weekly homework email

  • Tools to sustain sleep after coaching

Wake Up Rested: Full Plan

  • 4 x 75-min sessions in two months

  • Weekly homework email 

  • Bonus prompts, inspiration and resources between sessions

  • 2 x 15-min check-in calls to use between each session

  • Lifetime access to all Restful Sleep online courses

Best value

Sleep and Dream Explorer

Create sustainable Restful Sleep through sleep-related habit change, and learn to work with your dreams, lucid or non-lucid, to dive into deeper aspects of your psyche.

6 month plans

Sleep and Dream Explorer

  • 12 x 75-min sessions in six months​

  • Weekly homework email 

  • Tools to sustain sleep after coaching

Sleep and Dream Explorer: Full Plan

  • 12 x 75-min sessions in six months

  • Weekly homework email 

  • Bonus prompts, inspiration, and resources between sessions

  • 2 x 15-min check-in calls to use between each session

  • Lifetime access to all Restful Sleep online courses

Best value

If you’d like to find out a bit more about which package may best suit your specific situation, we can explore this in a free discovery call

"I was delighted Maša started offering remote her sessions with Zoom. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is wonderful. The organisation and technicalities are top-notch, the fact that it's remote never gets in the way. Maša's personality still shines through, very positive, very welcoming. Since the sessions rely mostly on voice guidance, we can appreciate her perfect English and very clear instructions."

Sleep success stories

Find out how different people discovered what blocked their sleep so they could create new ways of being to get consistent sleep with Restful Sleep coaching.

Overcoming racing thoughts at night
Falling asleep by rediscovering joy in life
Sad on Couch
Soothing left over break up feelings

Restful Sleep One to One Coaching is for you if you’re

Aware of how your choices and outcomes are linked

Even if you may currently feel stuck or unsure of how to make changes, you can see how these are related.


Taking your mental and physical health seriously

Whilst not taking yourself too seriously.

Because Restful Sleep also invites playfulness!


Choosing to make well-being a priority in your life

Whilst your well-being may not be optimum, you have a willingness to make time for self-reflection.

Coaching_icons_Hard work.png

Willing to do the work, not expecting “quick fixes”

You’re committed to exploring deep, inner work on yourself with regular practices each week.

Restful Sleep one to one coaching is not for you if you’re


Unwilling to take responsibility for where you’re at

Because being able to look at your actions and limiting beliefs is a key part of the coaching process.

coaching_icons_Time zone.png

Not able to meet every two weeks in European hours

You may wish to consider the self-paced Restful Sleep online sleep course for more flexibile timings.

coaching_icons_Sleep disorder.png

Have sleep apnea or another medical sleep disorder

These kinds of sleep conditions are best supported by a medical professional, you can find resources here.

coaching_icons_Quick fix.png

Only looking for quick fixes for your sleep right now

If you can't think beyond how to get some relaxation, you can try some exercises out here.

"Maša brings her precision and lightness to a powerful but gentle session. She offers the right balances of physical and mental enquiries that allow me to select what I need from the session. Grateful for this beautiful opportunity to start the day. Highly recommended."
  • What topics does Restful Sleep coaching cover?
    As well as looking at practical, sleep hygiene factors, Restful Sleep coaching takes a holistic approach to review a person's lifestyle and get to the root cause of their sleep struggles. This typically includes levels well-being when it comes to movement, nutrition, relationships and social connection as well as deeply-held beliefs. To read a bit about how this worked for previous clients in their Restful Sleep coaching experiences, you can read their sleep success stories about overcoming racing thoughts at night, falling asleep by rediscovering joy in life and soothing left over break-up feelings.
  • How do sessions take place?
    Restful Sleep coaching sessions take place for one hour over zoom. You will need a reliable internet connection, as well as a space where you have privacy and won't be disturbed. Some room to move your body will also be helpful for any embodiment practices in the session.
  • What time are sleep coaching sessions available?
    Restful Sleep coaching sessions are recommended to take place every two weeks. Scheduling times for sessions can be flexible in line with European time (CET). It is possible to book sessions in for mornings in the Pacific US timezone, mornings and early afternoons in the Eastern US timezone, and afternoon/evenings in most of Asia (Australia is the only very tricky place). To see what may fit with your schedule, we can look at timings in a free discovery call which you can book from the one on one sleep coaching page.
  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    The easiest way to make payments is through the website, using PayPal or a credit card. Bank transfers can also be arranged. If you would like to pay in installments, this can be done with a credit card.
  • Is it possible to get a payment plan?
    Payment plans can be arranged on request. If this is something that you are interested in, the best way to work out what may be most supportive is in a free discovery call, which you can book here.
  • Can you really help me sleep in 2 months?
    Two months may seem like a short time to get results if you've spent months or years struggling with sleep. However, paying close attention to your daily habits and making well-placed strategic behavioural changes, can go a long way in changing patterns you might have spent decades building. When following the CBTI guidance and sticking with the behavioural adjustments we identify, clients typically see an improvement in sleep quality within the first month of working together. The next month then serves to solidify the positive changes and routines, so they can continue to enjoy the results after coaching. Your body is well-equipped to achieve healthy sleep patterns. Restful Sleep coaching offers a guide to reconnecting with the intelligence of the body, getting curious about experiencing the in-built resourcefulness and ongoing search for balance, supported by positive and empowering changes in habits.
  • Why are the full accountability sleep coaching packages higher priced?
    The full accountability sleep coaching packages have higher prices to reflect the more comprehensive support provided. This is offered because a core part of the work in sleep coaching involves creating new habits. Which is challenging work! Having accountability helps with creating new habits by keeping goals and actions front of mind. It provides an external supply of encouragement, support and shared investment in your success. Studies have shown that when we are accountable to someone else, we are more likely to follow through on our commitments and stick to new habits. The Restful Sleep full accountability sleep coaching packages provide support between sessions with the homework email and: - Daily prompts, resources and other tools curated for your situation and goals, - Access to all Restful Sleep course materials forever, - Mini check-in calls to use between their main sessions. The extra check-ins can be particularly supportive at times when there have been big shifts or insights that have come up following particularly insightful coaching sessions.

You made it this far, sleep enthusiast!

Thanks for reading and for taking your sleep struggles seriously. I hope what you’ve read has brought some inspiration for you on your sleep journey. If you’ve made it this far and are still feeling unsure about whether Restful Sleep coaching is for you, you’d be welcome to schedule a free discovery call to explore any curiosities you may have. 


Or you may wish to learn more about sleep and try out some of the practices from Restful Sleep with the resources below.


Stay curious, 


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Embodiment and how it affects sleep

Understand what embodiment is, how you can practice it and how it affects sleep.

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CBT for Insomnia


Find out how CBTI works and follow practical guidance on soothing your thoughts.

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The holistic approach to sleep coaching

How factors from across your lifestyle can block sleep - and how you can make changes.

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