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Introducing the New Restful Sleep Website

Hey sleep enthusiast, I’m excited to share with you the reimagined Restful Sleep website, thanks for coming to check it out! It's been in production whilst I have been acquiring extra sleep geek qualifications over the past year, insights from which are shared in the free resources on this website, as well as my latest sleep coaching offers.

My intention with the Restful Sleep website is to offer an understanding place for those who struggle with inconsistent sleep to find information and tips about sleep health. For managing during rough sleep patches, as well as getting to the root cause of insomnia. This covers insights and exercises from CBT for insomnia, holistic sleep coaching and, of course, how embodiment comes into play.

The Restful Sleep approach is all about getting curious about yourself, your lifestyle and habits, to experiment with making empowered choices that impact sleep and bring more vitality to life. If you’ve been living with inconsistent sleep for some time, my hope is that you may find the guidance interesting and relatable, maybe even fun!

Did you know that inconsistent sleep is a symptom of something deeper being out of balance? You can find out more about that and how Restful Sleep coaching can help in the video below, or feel free to explore the website and see where it may take you - maybe you have wondered why we often stay up late, even though we really wanted to get an early night, aka 'revenge bedtime procrastination'?

In terms of making this website happen, I’d like to say a big thank you to Andrea Callan for the messaging and words and Medb McCarthy for the design of both the website and the new brand. And thanks to you! For reading this and joining me on the journey towards more Restful Sleep. I’d love to know if anything on here may resonate. Or if it could be useful for a loved one, feel free to send it on to help them, as well as the algorithms!

Stay curious,



About the author

Maša Nobilo, Sleep Coach

From first-hand insomniac to certified Embodied Facilitator with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the Feldenkrais Method and Embodied Yoga Principles, Maša is well-equipped to support you on journey to restful sleep.
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