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Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

Blend in, they said. Play dead, they said. Bend to the contours of that and those which are around you, they said. Safe. Safe is what you’ll be. They said. “They” were clueless. Safe doesn’t exist – only the fleeting illusion of it. And what a beautiful one it is, with promises of out-of-reach serenity. When I get the job, I will be more calm. When people stop being ungrateful, I will be good. When all of it stops, then I will finally begin. So would you rather be “safe” or meet that which you call unsafe and live from a place deeply rooted in your values? Pour your love shamelessly onto people you love without knowing if it will always be returned. Set your boundaries even though backlash might be lurking around the corner. Live your calling without knowing if it will pay for your grandchildren’s first car. You know the answer to that. It rumbles in your belly. And now what? We thaw ourselves out from a deep freeze of our inner expression. We unscramble our heads from the noise of everyone else. We reel ourselves back into our own bodies, cell by cell. Into the shape we truly want to take.

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