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Human Doings

Hello, dear Martian, welcome to Earth. I see you want to tour our place of birth. You signed up for a tour, not just of the sights, But of the people as well and all our earthly delights. In the form you filled out, you mentioned quite frankly That of particular interest is our drive to be cranky. It seems to perplex you and put you off guard Why we are perpetually shielded and all of us scarred.

You say that back home you’ve never seen such a thing, A being so scattered, relentless and mean. “Aha!” I say as I ponder your thought, “Your interest is flattering but there’s a flaw in your plot. You call us human beings, and I can’t say you’re wrong. It has been the name by which we go by so long. But being doesn’t even remotely describe The modus operandi to which today we subscribe.”

In the beginning of time, for an aeon or two, We might have truly been a magical crew. Living with nature, in respect of its laws. Our every act followed by a reflective pause. Today, as a contrast, we are a distracted bunch. Filling every given moment with an errand, substance or lunch.

We are conditioned to doing and producing a result That the mere thought of idle time sounds like an insult. “What do you mean burn-out? Don’t be a sissy! Who’s gonna pay for all your leisures, missy?? There are bills stacking up and expectations, no doubt, Do you really think it’s time for faffin’ about?”

If by chance those words don’t scare us into compliance, And we realise “Hell, I don’t really need that car or appliance.” If we dare to stop for a breath and put all things on hold, You would think that would be called brave, strong and bold. But instead, those that stop chasing and say “I’ve had enough.” Are awarded a label of “lazy” or “tough”.

Human doings really don’t know better, not her, him nor me. No one ever taught us how to simply surrender and be. Every event has a number and it’s a result-driven game In which there are no true winners but still plenty of shame. We do this at work, with friends, even in love, Comparing and chasing through a push and a shove.

What I put forward just now may seem quite bleak, But true changes are cookin’ as we now speak. The number of people choosing connection and respect Is growing steadily through the years, more than you’d expect. They nourish their bodies, minds and the planet Just like we all should have from the very start, dammit!

Don’t mind me, dear Martian, you notice my upset I care dearly for my people, as messy as they get. Some say the Earth should shake us like a dog full of flees. But I don’t share that sentiment with the same level of ease. I still wait for the revolution, the dramatic shift From our doing to being, which will come as a gift.

When that turnaround happens, humans will be giddy with glee And they will finally respect the beauty you are about to see. Enough of this darkness, despair, plight and gloom, I still need to take you to tour our Earthly womb.

During the tour, when we encounter a person Don’t let them in on the secret, because their condition will worsen. Humans don’t like to change or question their state, It’s quite normal and our character trait.

Now put on your sunscreen, glasses and hat, I’m sure you will love Earth right off the bat! After the tour, do give us 5 stars We want more TripAdvisor tourists from Mars.

Off we go!


About the author

Maša Nobilo, Sleep Coach

From first-hand insomniac to certified Embodied Facilitator with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the Feldenkrais Method and Embodied Yoga Principles, Maša is well-equipped to support you on journey to restful sleep.
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