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What are the Restful Sleep coaching core values?

Hey sleep enthusiast, thank you for following your curiosity to find out about the Restful Sleep core values. As outlined in the Restful Sleep guide to finding a coach who's a good fit for you, shared values are a key factor for feeling comfortable in a connection, especially one with a coach when sharing in a potentially vulnerable way requires building trust and safety.

My hope with sharing the Restful Sleep core values is that you can read a bit about what's important for my ways of working and see if you can notice how you feel when reading. Whether there's some curiosity to know more, a 'hell yes', if it may not resonate, or something else.

You can also notice how reading these values feels compared with reading what other sleep coaches may offer to get a feel for which approaches may work for you. Might some sound exciting and fun for you, even? Let's see.

Taking a holistic approach to well-being

Restful Sleep coaching offers an invitation to get curious about aspects of life: from nutrition, deeply held beliefs, relationships and connection, to movement. All of these factors are linked and the millions of choices we make everyday impact on one another - and our readiness to fall asleep or stay asleep. You can find out more about how these are linked and how holistic sleep coaching explores them here.

"I was lucky to get coaching sessions with Maša as a Christmas present from my girlfriend… What I really like about her coaching is that they are not only focused on sleep but she helps me make the way I live my life in such a manner that it gives me peace of mind which in the end also helps me to sleep better."

Johny Diderich

Focusing on playfulness and movement

Because when life has moments that just don’t make sense, playfulness and movement can offer a way to find a new perspective. They also can bring deep insights from activating the mind-body connection through getting embodied. This is something I bring to sleep coaching sessions and all that I do.

For me, practices such as AcroYoga, animal movement and even clowning have been a core part of my growth as they enabled me to learn about myself through play, laughter and lightness. You can read a sleep success story from a client whose journey to Restful Sleep came by rediscovering joy through movement here.

Also, movement doesn't have to be athletic, it can actually take the form of quite small and subtle movements. The main thing I invite is practices designed to take clients out of over-thinking or stories in their heads and bring them back into the body in a way that each client can enjoy.

This woman has superpowers! Looking to get more body awareness, sleep better or walk upside down? This is your person! Spirit like an angel but clever as a devil 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥! Book now and take your inner self to the next level! I am so happy that I meet Maša!!

Mira Sidia

Advocating for doing things in gentle ways

Of course, trying new ways takes trial and error, as well as courage because it can require a different, unfamiliar mindset. For many clients, slowing down from the hectic pace of life into a gentle approach often feels strange, radical even! I get this feedback when working with people who have found themselves in a pattern of going through their days with lots of stress in their systems, so they find themselves in ‘fight or flight’ mode to deal with many of their responsibilities.

Offering gentle approaches allows the practice of bringing in more presence when it comes to new experiences - so you can take insights as you go, integrate them deeper in coaching sessions, as well as bringing some healing.

"Maša brings her precision and lightness to a powerful but gentle session. She offers the right balances of physical and mental enquiries that allow me to select what I need from the session. Grateful for this beautiful opportunity to start the day. Highly recommended."

Iulia Grosman

Find your own way, inner guidance and voice

A truth I have learned through my work with coaching is that just like everyone has their own set of core beliefs, everyone will have an ideal lifestyle that works for them. It’s not about copying other peoples’ hacks or burning yourself out trying to follow the latest, intense morning routine.

When people come to me, they are often not clear on their values, needs or even desires, because they are simply so drained with dealing with their lack of sleep to have energy to think beyond the essentials. I love to support clients with expanding their capacity to acknowledge more of what's going on for them through strengthening their mind-body connection with embodiment practices. These experiments expand to making different choices in day-to-day life, until life becomes the practice, driven by their own inner guidance.

Oh man, Masha's work is just super intelligent and elaborate. I adore her brain, skills, determination, way of expressing herself, way of understanding the world/people/herself. I strongly recommend her insightful way of cruising through life's journey. Try her!

Dawn Pap - Avgi

Believing everyday things are art

This one expands on how participating in life can become an embodiment practice in itself, slowing down, moving gently and taking time to notice the messages from the body. What I have had the pleasure of witnessing time and time again is when the curiosity and appreciation for all that is going on in a person's inner experience begins to expand into appreciation for what may be around them. I love it when clients begin to see the beauty in simple things, tapping into more wonder, joy and more possibilities in life!

Calling you out on your BS (with gentleness)

And finally, possibly my favourite - you didn’t think they were all going to be sweet and soft did you? A gentle calling out is vital for the coaching process to check what’s really important in your life, rather than what might sound important or you might like to think is important. Some truth bombs that I stand by:

  • I can’t ‘fix’ your sleep (I can guide and support you on your journey of self-discovery),

  • Sleep is a symptom (of something else being off in your lifestyle).

So how was it for you to read the Restful Sleep core values? Were there any that called you or you wanted to learn more about? To find out more about Restful Sleep coaching you can do here, and if you have any questions about your specific sleep struggles you're welcome to discuss them in a free discovery call. Stay curious,



About the author

Maša Nobilo, Sleep Coach

From first-hand insomniac to certified Embodied Facilitator with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the Feldenkrais Method and Embodied Yoga Principles, Maša is well-equipped to support you on journey to restful sleep.
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